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AKSOM imports and sells HAKKO soldering equipment.

If Weller is the Mercedes amongs soldering stations, then HAKKO is the LEXUS. Comparible functionality but better quality. HAKKO Corporation is recognized world wide as a leading company in soldering products. and soldering related equipment. More than half a century of experience in soldering technology alows HAKKO to anticipate the customer's needs, exceed their expectations and provide the best soldering solutions possible for all kinds of products and parts in a wide variety of environments. When it comes to soldering, trust HAKKO to be your best partner.

Fake HAKKO FX-888, FX-888D en FX-951 stations appear very regularly on the Internet. Usually these are counterfit products of Chinese origin. The analogue FX-888 can no longer be bought from any official HAKKO dealer. This station has been discontinued by HAKKO. The FX-888D stations that are on offer from Aliexpress and Banggood etc. are cheap counterfit stations of inferior quality. Parts for these types of stations are in stock at but we only supply spare parts to customers who have bought their genuine stations from us. These genuine stations however seldom (if ever) break down.
As of October first 2015 we have faster delivery times due to a change in our procurement. At this moment in time we are able to deliver most products that are not in stock,  within one week. That is why it is now possible to order items that are not in stock.

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